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Why do I really need life insurance?

Why do I really need life insurance?

Just ask yourself this one question.

 If you were to leave right now, and never ever come back, who will suffer the most? That’s your why.

Now when one is gone, we cannot bring them back to life. If you were to go now, all the future income you could have made is lost. 

In its simplest form, what life insurance does is replace the person’s economic value. 

If you have a family, you have an obligation to provide for your family. Especially when your children have not reached an age where they can take care of themselves yet. If something happens to you, they have not only lost you but your ability to provide. 

Unfortunately, if you are gone when you are still young and in prime money-making years, you may not have had the chance to accumulate all the money or assets your family may have needed to survive and live a decent life.

Life insurance in this instance buys time (those prime money-making years) that one has lost because of early demise. 

How is this done, how do you buy time? (Is this magic?) Maybe;)

This is done by paying a lump sum of money to your loved ones that you could have made but will never have a chance to make because of your premature demise.

If you are still asking yourself if you need a life cover or not, these are some important questions to guide you. Be true to yourself:

  • If something happens to you today, who will look after your loved ones?

  • Can they (the ones taking care of your loved ones) afford to do so or will they struggle financially?

  • What kind of lifestyle do your children currently enjoy? Think after school clubs, activities, holidays. Will these continue?

  • Can you guarantee that your children’s carer will be able to support them until they are of age to make it on their own, ie, until your children reach financial independence?

  • Will your children have a home and financial safety net to go back to when they are in full time education?

Feel free to replace children with whoever is dependent on you, someone whose life will drastically change for the worst if you were no longer here now. It could be your parents, a niece, nephew, even a charity you support, or your business.

Life insurance creates an instant estate (in the form of money, cash, Mulla, dough lol) where there was none hence helping whoever is dependent on your income continue living life without much financial disruption.

We all have different family dynamics, different needs, some families are of a higher risk than others. But all in all, if you have someone dependent on you, life insurance is a MUST.

Getting the right life cover is very critical. It has to be tailor-made to your specific needs. Many people are walking around with pieces of paper thinking that they are covered. Not all products in the market are good. 

We all hope to live long, but nobody really knows their fate. And if your fate is connected to someone else’s fate, it is best to just have this strategy in place. Whether you are here or not, their lives will not be deeply affected financially.

Life insurance is one of the most selfless things you can get for your loved ones. It shows that your love for them is greater than the fear of facing your own mortality. The chances of anyone transitioning from this world is 100%, the only factor we cannot predict is TIME i.e. when it will happen. It is the reason why it is so important to deal with this risk by getting a suitable life cover.

It also confirms how your family goals are as important as your personal goals and you want to preserve the family legacy.

If life insurance is a love letter to your family, what does yours say?

Have you received your free peace of mind checklist yet?

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