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What We offer

A Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind guide
Hi Friend,
Our greatest desire is to help you and your family rise.

Life is about expressing love, living the lifestyle of your dreams while growing your ultimate legacy stress-free. And in this thing called life, the journey is as important as the destination.

My personal mantra is to travel this world lightly. To only do what matters with those who matter, while living a life full of joy and inner peace. If you share my sentiments, you know that there is no greater wealth than peace of mind.  

What threatens this? What threatens your journey to your financial freedom? What threatens your peace of mind, your joy, your happiness? What threatens you to live the soft life? 

The peace of mind guide was created for you. It aims at pointing out what could be a thorn in the flesh in your financial journey and different ways of dealing with it.

We are here to help you lighten or possibly eliminate this load of ‘what if’ in your financial life, by making sure that no matter what happens, you spring back up and press on until you reach your dreams.  

That security blanket or teddy bear you held onto as a child during a scary thunderstorm to remind you everything will be ok, that is us.

Now, please allow us to hold your hand and lead you down the path of peace. Serving you is an honour.

Friend, always remember, you deserve the soft life 😉


Objectives of your peace of mind guide

It's Intention

To help you build a solid financial life foundation and give you the necessary tools to ensure that you can continue to meet your financial and life goals no matter what happens, stress-free.

It is important to have peace of mind when you work so hard to build your lifestyle and legacy, for yourself, your children and your generations to come.

Threats to your wealth and lifestyle:


  • Illness or accident (of self or family member) 
  • Loss of income due to a disability or critical illness due to inability to work 
  • Unexpected or sudden transition of the breadwinner(s) to the afterlife
  • Risk of living too long without money or resources to cater for old age
  • Small unexpected emergencies e.g. car breakdown 
  • Loss of income due to unemployment 
  • Inability to provide for yourself or your family due to lack of proper planning

Your Wealth Pyramid

Wealth Management consists of 3 main stages: 

    • Wealth Protection/ Risk Management Planning 
    • Wealth Accumulation 
    • Wealth Transfer/ Distribution

How we can serve you

We will be honored to serve you.


This package is for individuals or families that do not need advisory but are looking into purchasing specific products. However, we have a consultative approach towards buying the products by first finding out your needs through the preliminary risk questionnaire.

LA Lifestyle Protector

In an instant, your lifestyle can change dramatically due to an unexpected financial strain. This package includes doing a thorough risk analysis, going through your current financial benefits and insurance policy documents to ensure that you are well covered. This plan provides a lifetime of financial protection to secure your future and of those you love.

LA Headstart

This package helps individuals and families alike to get their money matters organized hence giving them a good headstart in their finances and consequently in life. You will get to know where exactly you are and where you want to go, i.e., have your FINANCIAL ROAD MAP in place

LA Life Plan

We help you create a simple plan to set up a strong financial foundation on which you can move on to building your wealth stress-free, knowing that nothing negative and/or unexpected can affect your growing wealth or your ideal lifestyle. This plan is created after identifying the risks you face and giving a solution based on our findings.

LA Corporate

This package is for sole business owners, partners, SMEs, and corporates who want to deal with personal/human risks facing their organizations and be guided in setting up benefits. Our solutions include but are not limited to setting up key person covers, group life, group medical, group pension, buy-sell financing, estate equalization, and training of staff on financial and risk literacy.

Our Packages

Strategies and Tools you can use to protect your wealth and lifestyle

Medical Planning (Health cover)

LA Corporate, LA DIY, LA Lifestyle Protector

Life Cover

LA Corporate, LA Lifestyle Protector

Disability Cover

LA Lifestyle Protector

Critical Illness cover

LA Corporate, LA Lifestyle Protector

Emergency Fund

LA Life Plan, LA Lifestyle Protector

Child Future & Education Planning

LA DIY, LA Life Plan, LA Lifestyle Protector


LA Corporate, LA Life Plan, LA Lifestyle Protector

Retirement Planning

LA Corporate, LA Lifestyle Protector